Research Methodology Workshop

The Bridge Academy is keen on teaching physicians all about the research methodology as it will help them gain knowledge on publishing research papers to inform the audience about a new concept or a breakthrough in the medical field and especially diabetes world as technological advances play huge role in the practice of endocrinology. This workshop from Guide Plus program offers a glance at research methodology.


Total Hours: 4:45 hours
Intended Learning Outcomes: By the end of the workshop, participants will be successfully able to:
  • Identify the pillars for starting clinical research.
  • Identify the basics of research ethics.
  • Develop a research idea and test research’s idea or hypothesis.
  • Define different types of clinical studies and study designs (Case reports and case series, Cross-sectional studies, Case-control studies, Cohort studies, Clinical trials).
  • Identify steps of writing a scientific paper.
  • Select the suitable journal.
  • Prepare conference presentations.
  • Define and understand the current situation regarding prevention of type 1 diabetes (Primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention of type 1 diabetes). 

  • Time:

    09:30 am

  • Date:


  • Category:

    GUIDE Plus

  • Location:

    Dusit Thani