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What Is The Bridge Academy?

The Bridge is an organization working to promote diabetes care, control, awareness, education, and scientific research. We are the only organization in the region that offers continuous education programs for the aim of raising diabetes care taking into consideration all sectors associated with diabetes through creating a multidisciplinary team of Physicians, Nurses, Diabetic Coaches, Patients and Caregivers. Programs are endorsed by ISPAD and provide CME points.

How can I become a Partner?

Register through the partners tab or send us an email at: [email protected]

How Can I receive my certificate?

Follow the steps on the website:

1-Certificate Tab (in Main Menu)

2- Enter you ID (national ID you registered with)

3- Download your Certficate as a PDF file

What does ISPAD endorsement mean?

All our programs are approved, revised and designed according to the ISPAD guidelines.

What is the CME points?

Continuing Medical Education points are provided through our programs for healthcare physicians and nurses by EACMED (Egyptian Association of Continuing Medical Education Development) which is required by all doctors for the renewal of their medical license.

What is the cost of the programs?

All programs are free of charge. Participants are chosen according to a selection criteria. Make sure to fill the registration form with detailed information.