Human Development Workshop

The first workshop offered to the "Rising Stars" physicians who passed GUIDE program was an out of the box but essential topic for all physicians under the name "Speak to Guide" tackling public speaking. The workshop was very interactive, its main objective was to give the participants insights on main techniques of public speaking and applying these techniques during the 2 days of the workshop. Each participant is assessed before and after the workshop so they can observe and learn the development that happened to their skills.

Total hours: 10 hours.


Intended Learning Outcomes By the end of this workshop, participants were successfully able to:

  • Identify keys to successful presentation.
  • Identify the guidelines for effective slides.
  • Understand the guidelines for charting a presentation.
  • Be able to study the audience and create connection with them.
  • Be able to find the presentation flow.
  • Know the techniques of how to effectively open the presentation.
  • Know the techniques of how to effectively close the presentation.
  • Create interaction and active listening with the audience and understand the barriers to active listening.
  • Understand different questioning techniques of the audience.
  • Understand the guidelines and techniques for handling difficult questions. 


Visit this link to watch the video of the workshop: Our first Guide Plus... - The Bridge - Diabetes Academy | Facebook

  • Time:

    10 am

  • Date:


  • Category:

    GUIDE Plus

  • Location:

    MQR - New Cairo