Psychiatry Workshop

The second workshop offered to the “Rising Stars” physicians was in collaboration with IWAN psychiatric hospital, shedding light on the impact of mental and emotional wellness on people living with diabetes. The objective of the workshop was about how to deliver news to the patient, dealing with bullying at school, comforting newly diagnosed patients, engaging the caregivers and the many different aspects of handling the wellbeing of people with diabetes.


Total Hours: 5.5 hours


Intended Learning Outcomes By the end of this workshop, participants were successfully able to:

  • Understand mental health problems in Type I Diabetes
  • Identify the prevention and intervention methods of mental health problems associated with Type I Diabetes.
  • Understand the psychological Impacts of Type I Diabetes on children and adolescents. 
  • Understand the Impact of Type I Diabetes on families and caregivers of people with diabetes.


Visit this link to have a glance at the workshop: The Guide Plus continues... - The Bridge - Diabetes Academy | Facebook

  • Time:

    10 am

  • Date:


  • Category:

    GUIDE Plus

  • Location:

    MQR - New Cairo