Mentor Program

What is the MENTOR program?

As a way to introduce and develop multidisciplinary team approach, MENTOR is a program intended to educate diabetes educators and nurses on all aspects of Diabetes care; covering all diabetes fundamentals and related unexplored topics. The goal is to empower these candidates to coach patients so that the benefit goes back to the patients to help them understand their disease and how it affects their personal lives, and work with them to set behavior change goals to improve their health.


How often is MENTOR held?

There are 3 MENTOR waves held per year.


What is the intended learning outcomes?

  • Cover all Diabetes fundamentals and unexplored topics related to diabetes.
  • Gain more understanding through our workshops about diabetes care from the perspective of an educator.


What is MENTOR Plus+?

MENTOR Plus+ is a subprogram of MENTOR, focusing more on holding workshops. There will be 4 workshops over the year covering different aspects related to diabetes.


What is the nature of trainings?

MENTOR main conferences are focused on fundamental topics about diabetes through speeches done by ISPAD members and top endocrinologists from all over Egypt.

MENTOR Plus+ is focused on workshops for hands-on training on aspects about diabetes care.


What is the value of participation? 

  • Provides 14 CME points, that allows the nurses to renew their medical license.
  • Have a thorough overview on the most recent ISPAD guidelines.
  • The course is delivered by our "Advisory Board" which includes the pioneers and thought leaders of Pediatrics and Endocrinology in Egypt.
  • Passing the Mentor Program will make the participant eligible for the Mentor Plus Program, which constitutes of 5 hands-on workshops.
  • if the participant earned the top ranking score, they will get the advantages of the Top Rising Stars program.
  • Become qualified to work in diabetes training departments in pediatric hospitals and centers.



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